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David Ha’Ivri, speaker and temple mount activist, from the West Bank



David’s son, Macabee, will also be at this event. He is a Sargent in the Israeli Army.

This photo is from our trip to Israel in 2013. David spoke with our group as we exited Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

About David Ha’Ivri:

David is a Biblical Zionist.

He founded the Shomron Liaison Office, which is an international relations agency for the Shomrom (West Bank). He speaks the truth about the West Bank settlements and the struggles they face.

David, his wife and eight children, live in one of the most dangerous settlements called Kfar Tapuach, (Hebrew for Apple Village).

Author of “Reclaiming the Temple Mount”, David is also a Temple Mount activist. He is often in trouble with the Israeli government for praying on Temple Mount, which is forbidden. Check out his book on Amazon here:




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